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From the Voices of the People

V. Wilson - I so appreciate you as a man of his word!! Proud to call you my friend!!

D. Miller - Thank you Tim Wesley for a principled campaign. It was an honor to endorse you and cast my vote for A wonderful godly man and a true patriot! God bless you and your family!

I. Valentin - Thank you sir!

A. Westerman - Best wishes Tim! And thank you so much for taking your time and using your talents to fight for conservatives in South Texas. We appreciate it lot, and know it's not an easy area to be a Republican in.

S. Mollick - Mr. Westley, our family lives in Oklahoma City, and my husband retired after 20 years of military service in the Air Force. You are the kind of great leader we would proudly support. Keep leading and let your voice be heard in the days ahead. We need your strong leadership in this country now more than ever. 🇺🇸God Bless you and your family

R. Shapiro - Pastor Tim, We thank God for your life, family, ministry and legacy and we are very, very grateful for the wonderful, inspiring, God-Honoring Campaign you your people ran. Sending our love and praying for you all.

L. Garcia - You are one classy man!! God bless you!!

R. Barnes - Thank you for running a clean campaign, maybe next time, may God Bless you and your family!

K. Mackey - Thank you for your attempt, the work and committed effort put into the race.

R. Gomez - God bless you brother! Thank you for your service.

S. Dittman - Thank you sir! You are inspiring so many.

D. James - I was rooting for you Tim! Don't give up there is always next time and maybe the atmosphere will be more conducive. You have a Godly heart and it shows! I pray God's most abundant blessings upon you!

A. Esquivel
- Thank you sir

T. Williams - Thank you for representing the conservatives. God Bless

J. Gwyn
- I was honored to cast my vote for you and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. God Bless you and your family and may He continue to guide you.

G. Coats - I look forward to seeing you on the ballot in the future.

T. Shawhan - As much as I was disappointed in our loss I was proud of the effort you put in. You ran a campaign with integrity and honor. I hope you will consider running again. Thank you for your service as well. Enjoy your family and the rest. Best regards to you on Veterans Day for your service to our Republic.

M. Peña - I know you'll do a great job! May the Good Lord guide and lead you wherever he leads you... if Obama can become president, anyone can!

N. Bryan - You'll get'em next time!

J. Hayward - Thanks for running you are a good man.

R. Rivera
- Send more politicians like Tim to the Rio Grande Valley…

H. Baker - Thank you Tim. I was proud to support you. I hate being in a district that connected to the border. We are way more conservative than the Valley and I feel that cancels my vote. We need this district realigned.

L. Honeycutt - Mr. Westley ... you are a man this State and Country need. Although I do not live in your district I have appreciated and enjoyed following you and your agenda. You are a great American and Texan. Thank you for your messages, service, and all efforts during your campaign. Best regards and wishes ...

P. Tisdale - God bless you...

Committee to Elect Tim Westley
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