I have written several books over the years.  Each one was written with a foundational purpose of helping people and our society as a whole.  I am thankful to God for his guidance for each and pray that you all would be bless by them as well.  Thank you in advance for your support.  God Bless!

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The Republican Party & The Journey Black
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The Republican Party & The Journey Blackwards!
Regaining The Black Vote


                                                  By Tim Westley, Ph.D.

 Foreword: Lt. Col. Allen B. West (U.S. Army Ret.) | Member, 112th US Congress

Get a brief, yet detailed overview of the origins of the Republican Party and more specifically, the historical connections with black people. See highlights of over 100 years of history showing how the Republican Party went from being stalwarts for black people to being hated and rejected by many today!  Finally, learn what it will take for them to regain the Black Vote!

Third Party Review - by T. Gulick (Brown Book Publishing)


Dr. Tim Westley advocates for a larger representation of Black leadership in American politics, particularly in the Republican Party. As a [Black Congressional] Candidate, he’s seen firsthand the setbacks for the Black community with regard to the Republican Party and argues for Republicans to revamp their political image by accepting Blacks and campaigning for the Black vote. Westley shares a brief look at American history to set the record straight on the differences between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. From this, he reveals both parties have, at times, been historically unfair to Blacks, but that Democrats were quicker to transform their party image to gain the Black vote decades ago while sabotaging the Republican image as old, white, and racist. He looks to undo these negative images of the party by increasing the representation of Black leadership and consulting the Black community with commitment to regaining the Black vote.


  • Westley writes with a sense of pride and enthusiasm resulting in a call-to-arms manuscript. His speech frequently declares what Republicans need to do to make first steps and promote the change he wants to see. Westley maintains his position while still addressing the opposition and the facts of the political climate and history. This benefits his image by avoiding a stance of ignorance when politicians often refuse to acknowledge faults or conflicting ideas.

  • Westley shares his backstory and how he grew up a Democrat and how, over time, he realized his beliefs painted him a Republican. This also reveals how Westley can approach the subject from a removed perspective and see the best interest for parts of the Black community and the Republican Party.

  • Etc.

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