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I am glad you decided to visit my page and I thank you for your support.  For years, I have dedicated my life to helping people whether though speaking to youth in an effort to prepare them for college and careers, engaging business leaders, those incarcerated, or those in government and the political spectrum.

I am committed to continually impacting our society in the best ways possible and realize that I cannot do it alone.  Therefore, I am forever grateful and thankful for people such as you, who come along side of me and allow me to do the same with you, as we impact this world together!

It is my desire that the next generation and those to come will be able to enjoy an even greater America that we have.  It is my prayer that our children, their children, and beyond will enjoy a better tomorrow!  Again thank you for visiting my page and supporting my quest!  Together, we can make the world better!  God Bless!


Tim Westley, Ph.D. 


Dr. Tim Westley

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