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I believe more emphasis should be placed on community colleges and technical institutes. I believe a redirecting of public funding for students excelling and graduating high school in 3 instead of 4 years should be used to fund community college and/or technical institutes. I believe in school choice, yet continue to support public school with fewer demands and concentration on standardized testing. I do not support Common Core and believe the states should have the rights to set and maintain the standards for their residents education. I support volunteer student initiate prayer in schools at all levels.



The United States of America must fulfill its promises to the best of its ability. This is nowhere more important than with the promises made to those people who have put their lives on the line to defend this country. It is not acceptable that these people should be cheated by the intentional delay and partial fulfillment of these promises. Veterans should not be summoned to war at an instant notice while serving, only to have wait over a month at time to see a care provider.  It's time to not only provide better protections for veteran's rights, but also a right to better service!



I reject any notion of government-run universal health care as we have seen evidence from around the world that government-run health care leads to inefficiencies, long waiting periods, and often substandard health care.



I stand to protect the rights of individual citizens to bear arms and defend the constitutional right to do so. I stand with the G.O.P. platform and oppose federal licensing of law-abiding gun owners and national gun registration as a violation of the Second Amendment and an invasion of privacy of honest citizens.  Overall, I believe in an individual’s right to keep and bear fire arms.



The land of Israel is the ancestral homeland of the descendants of Israel / Jacob. This title was not lost when foreign powers drove most of the people out of the land. This was clear to the world after World War II when the state of Israel was again recognized. As their titled land it is theirs to defend and manage with the same rights as any other country.

The descendants of Israel / Jacob remain a special people to God and other nations will be judged according to their treatment of Israel.



Among the constitutional freedoms listed by the founding fathers in the first amendment, the restriction upon the government from interfering with religious expression comes first. The government may not limit this expression directly through regulation, indirectly through taxation or other power of government, nor may it use its spending power to promote or discourage any religion. In essence, I believe that people of faith should be allowed to practice their faith freely as their holy books prescribe as long as it does not become a threat to the safety and welfare of our citizens.



Life begins at conception and any attempt to destroy human life is murder. Life is not defined by size or developmental stage. No life is more important than another.  I AM PRO-LIFE.

The 'Voiceless' needs a 'Voice'! Abortion Statistics (U.S.):

  • 2,500+ per Day!
  • 105+ per Hour!
  • 1+per Minute!

Everyone deserves an ‘Advocate’, even if they ‘Cannot Speak’!

I will be a ‘Voice’ for the “Voiceless”!



Many foreign immigrants have no doubt enriched our country.  Nevertheless, immigrants who enter this country illegally should not be provided the same benefits that legal citizens are.  Any new immigration laws or reforms must address national security.  Those coming into the country are greatly welcomed; however, they must enter legally, as this provides the greatest safety and security to our country.

We must uphold our Constitution as I already address how people become citizens of our great nation.  Amnesty should not be an option as it will only encourage those entering our country illegally to continue to do so.  We must also increase reconnaissance cameras, border patrol agents, and unmanned aerial flights at borders.  In addition we must provide border patrol agents with more advanced technology, tools, and structures to properly secure the borders.



Employee Evacuation Protection Bill



When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city.

Joshua 6:20

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